Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where did you spend the night that made election history?

On election night, the Democrats Abroad threw a "worthy of the event" bash at Ciné Aqua located in the park at Trocadero.

Filmmaker and longtime member of Democrats Abroad as well as the minority caucaus of said organization, Zachary Miller, called on jazz, gospel, blues and funk artists, mostly American, living in and around Paris to each add their special talents in aid of the celebration, all expressing hope for a new day in America when the dreams of a minority child, in America, could include being a president.

Singer, Brigitte; blues singer and quitarist, Juju Childs; Jazz stylist, Manda Djinn; Linda Lee Hopkins; singer/composer, Joe Langley; Jonice; Nathalie, aged 11, her first time singing on mic and Les Skylarks among others. Bassist, Alex Sanders and extraordinary pianist, Valerie Benzaquine, showed their love and professionalism as they accompanied the many artists. Valerie will soon be a mom and her child will surely be musical; saxophonist, David Johnson and trumpetist Ronald Baker sat in, and the entertainment kept the room live while people roamed through Ciné Aqua or sat watching the election process on one of the many TV screens along the alleys or wide screens in several screening rooms.

Shouts of joy rang through the halls when each state was tallied until at last the great cry, "We won! Oh Happy Day!" That last bit was Linda Lee. Meanwhile, lazily swimming fish, we were in their home after all, ignored the ruminations of man and never even gave the fisheye to passersby.