Monday, April 25, 2011

Merci Henri ! (Scroll down for English Version)

De temps en temps dans la vie, on rencontre quelqu'un avec qui on a un rapport spécial. Ça peut être un collegue, quelqu'un à la Poste, une voisine, la patronne d'une boutique etc. Ca peut se passer n'importe où, ou quand. Depuis qu'on habite à Clichy la Garenne, on va assez souvent au Café Wepler, Place Clichy à Paris. C'est là que nous avons rencontré un personnage qui nous est devenu cher.
Voici une courte entrevue avec Henri :

Since moving to Clichy la Garenne, we frequent the Café Wepler. There, we met someone who quickly became one of our favorite people. Not only is he a professional on the job but one has the feeling that his smiles are much more than Hollywood. We have a mutual admiration society, much welcomed at the end of the day or anytime we can use a lift and even when we're feeling great.
Here is the translation of video dialogue with our favorite waiter, Henry:

Raphael: Henry, you are being recorded for Manda's blog. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

Henry: Well, my sado-masochistic temperament is thrilled to appear in Manda's blog. Above all, with her siren-like voice taking me to unfathomable depths. won't be a terrible punishment.

Raphael: Thanks, Henry

Manda sings: Thanks, the tune of Oui, oui, Marie!